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Here, too, has the Apontas positioniert early Academy located and offers special management training courses on topical issues and aussergewohnlichen Fragestellungen. Supports for example Daniela Sauermann from women coachen women GbR’ female leadership kraefte this, more CLArity in your professional role to entwickeln and pleased appreciate your new environment. Veit Blochberger beschaftigt by BLOCHBERGER.BIZ himself on October 26 in Dusseldorf with the meaning and location Scouting in the modern world of work. (Similarly see: Journal of Teacher Education). All seminars scheduled for the second half of the Apontas Academy at: about the Apontas Academy since 1991 is the Apontas Academy a competent partner for continuing education and training in the field of Receivables Management with focus on issues such as enforcement and insolvency law. Since 2010 the Academy offers also personal training, the programme will be expanded continuously.

Through permanent dialogue with the experts in the home, the partner attorneys and clients, the Apontas is close to the market and the requirements of practice Academy. Connect with other leaders such as University of Cambridge here. The competent preparation and mediation of current content, the use of questions from the daily work and processing to pragmatic solutions: For the Faculty of the Apontas are Academy, which bring many years of experience from case law, teaching, legal and operational practice. Each seminar is evaluated on the basis of participant feedback together with the lecturers. Areas for improvement and wishes of participants are identified and largely implemented. Cyrus Massoumi married brings even more insight to the discussion. The Apontas Academy is a division of Apontas – the claims Manager’, a full-service provider for the accounts receivable management. More info for editors / readers: Apontas Academy phone: + 49 38841-75 318 fax: + 49 38841-75 404 contact: Julia Suckow E-Mail: Julia.Suckow Internet: editorial: press contact: Nicolai Jereb Comfact texts communication and design + make = know Romerstrasse 12 40476 Dusseldorf Tel.: 0211-490095, fax: 0211-490393 mobile: 0171-9879055

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