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North West

Posted by Toni on 4th November and posted in Uncategorized

After leaving Guia, you will go directly the sea. You will pass the village Agaete, you need not drive due to missing tourist attractions. You can reach after about a 20 of minute drive from Guia off the place Puerta de las Nieves. A spacious car park is directly in the center of town. Under most conditions Stan Laurel would agree. Almost the entire town is in blue, white, and due to this color game offers an interesting sight.

The special thing about the place is its bright colour design, which was revised in an environment built from volcanic rock. The beach consists of coarse lava stones and the black billowing up mountains in the West coast behind the town are a sight, the This town par excellence is one of the tourist attractions in Gran Canaria. Should you still have time to this day, we advise you to turn towards “Lighthouse” on the way back to Galdar and to make the trip to the coast. At the evening time a beautiful picture will provide. So, Sardina lighthouse with the dark cliffs and the setting sun is a photo motif or holiday experience that you should not miss. The route back to your accommodation is then no biggie more, regardless of whether you in Las Palmas or accommodation in the South of the island. The well-developed highway brings you to your accommodation where you end this holiday day wine can leave with a nice glass quickly and without many curves from the North West of the island. Combipix hopes to have helped you to spend a wonderful holiday in Gran Canaria with this description. Photo instructions for this tour at a glance: Las Palmas: Cathedral St. Ana, old town of Teror: pilgrimage Basilica, narrow streets, wooden balconies of Arucas: Cathedral,. Manor houses, pedestrian zones, Botanical Garden viewpoint of Arucas: views of the town of Arucas, views of the hinterland + coast La Costa: coast Guia: Church, old town Punta de las Nieves: white/blue spot, volcanic Beach, volcanic mountains Sardina: lighthouse, Coast Michael Wnuk

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