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Posted by Toni on 5th June and posted in Uncategorized

The author still recommends that the evaluation is instrument auxiliary of the learning and not exclusively used for approval and reprovao. Luckesi affirms that the school would have to be the place where educator and educating in a democratic relation, because interested in an only objective: the formation of educating, jointly dedicates to ace activities that raise its way of being and of living. Rise this that will have significant paper in the democratization of the society as a whole for the transformation of the society. In thus being, beyond the contrary social forces that act creating innumerable obstacles to it, it is distinguished force of the professor when playing the paper of one of the strongest reproducers of the established society, above all when it determines the excellent data of the reality, the standard of comparison, the judgment of value and the decisions that if must take. The school capitalist incarnates social functions that she acquires of the contour of the society in which she is inserted and she puts in charge the procedures of evaluation in the direction to guarantee the control of the achievement of such functions. The education has two main functions in a capitalist society: the production of the necessary qualifications to the functioning of the economy; the formation of pictures and the elaboration of the methods for a control politician, the capitalist school is not for all, is a classroom school. The evaluation of if repeating the ones that the old didactic books say, strengthen the formalism.

we can infer that as much its form as the formalizao rituals are determined by the ruling class. It, ruling class, sanciona do not have any access to its spaces of accepted domination if not if what and consecrate. On didactic books the principle these consist histories (historical events) showing to its ' ' heris' ' this we professors blindly we pass our pupils as pure truths and we do not give they chance of critical, questionings and research the deep one, and when some pupil suddenly has critical vision of the situations and that to question, we do not open space it therefore we find that to answer a questionnaire and to make it in a test he is much more easy and less laborious.

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