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The answers to these questions serve as guide for the realization of intelligent work, which in turn is the path to productivity. There are authors who believe that coaching is a process in the Organization, understanding by process, a set of successive faculties; a series of changes towards a result. Considers that the process of coaching has two basic characteristics: one is the flexibility to adapt the process to a great diversity of clients and situations. The other is the rigor to ensure that the process is consistently directed to the achievement of observable results. There are 8 steps to contemplate in the process with respect to the customer, such as:-defining the problem or situation raised by the customer, what is what you want to happen and in that context?.

It is creating between the coach and the client one shared understanding of the situation. The success of the coaching process will largely depend on that this first step is impeccably fulfilled. -It requires a sharing of expectations and agree as both (coach and client) will interact in the process. It clarifies the purpose of coaching, what you can obtain the client and the coach will accompany you and support during the process. -Coach and client agree explicitly which are observable and measurable results that both undertake to achieve through the coaching process.

-Give feeback (feedback) to the customer by the coach as a catalyst for action. -Define the specific actions that the client should take to resolve the problem, situation or challenge has been addressed in the coaching process. Click Bioscience Journal for additional related pages. -Support to the customer in the implementation of actions that decided to take on the previous step, listen to or read and comment on the progress of customer reports. -Promote client your reflection with regard to their attitudes, behaviors and how these impact on their relationships with others. -It will compare the results of the objectives and conditions of satisfaction agreed in step three.


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