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Pedagogical Attitudes

Posted by Toni on 18th April and posted in Uncategorized

Therefore the impact of these processes in the daily pertaining to school is each bigger time and reaches to all the spheres of the life. The problematic one current of our schools in the basic education, it is basically good the practical one of our educators, many are unsatisfied and this has contributed to confuse the true intention of the education. The reflection on the paper of the education in a society each time more than multicultural character, is recent and increasing in international level e, in way particular, in Latin America, Brazil although to have very if developed in the education in the last times, still is imagined unsatisfactory in the educational process, taking in consideration the millions of young illiterates. The professors reveal perplexity and problematic unreliability ahead of the current one of the daily pertaining to school and is not for less. The pertaining to school institution is constructed on the affirmation of the equality, emphasizing the common base to all the citizens and citizens, but, have unhappyly not been thus.

Very she is complicated to articulate the equality with difference, the common base with the expressions of the social and cultural plurality, this still constitutes a great challenge. It is the quarrel on these questions, articulated with the reflection on the processes of cultural and social change that we are living that it will allow to go reconstructing the paper of the school, to perceive that the necessary education to be for all to have of significant form an evolution, therefore it is with education that makes a people if to develop.


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