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Philip Yancey

Posted by Toni on 7th December and posted in Uncategorized

' ' In our past marks of committed errors and occurred slips can exist. These marks in them relembram since our errors fools more until grotescos. However, when we approach in them to God, believing in what It made for us in that cross, we are washed completely. To the eyes of God, it does not import the souvenir that the people still have of our past, we are clean, completely limpos.' ' Therefore, ' ' A local church, nothing more is of what a community of people still marked in its souvenirs for the errors of the past, but washed, santificadas and justified for the blood of Jesus in the gift. In the measure where constantly they are remembered and relembradas of great quo it is the love of God for them, they start to search the project of God for its lives. However, they still are citizens to the slips, what she makes of them limited people and imperfeita.' ' Thus, we must have the care to find that we are better that our brothers because, perhaps, let us not commit the same sin that they, but sin in such a way and worse that they. ' ' That one, therefore, that she thinks to be in foot sees that not caia.' ' (I Corntios 10:12) With this Ricardo vision Wasteland it cites 3 disposals: vMaior humildade in the vision that we have of we ourselves: when we lose this vision, we finish for more than waiting the church and them people of what they can giving in them. ' ' In the deep one, we are saying that we are good excessively to be in a so imperfect church Only (…), we forget to ponder in the list the proper contradictions and errors that mark our vidas.' ' Philip Yancey, in its book ' ' Church, to import Why me? ' ' , it writes the following one: ' ' It had a instinctive reaction against any thing that smelled the hipocresia, until one day appeared a question: With what the church would go to seem if all the members they were as I? The fact of terms the conscience of who we are and that we bring of the past marks, in them they lead to the necessity of the favour of God, this must be our thought.

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