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Posted by Toni on 15th December and posted in Uncategorized

What it is necessary to be a philosopher? What somebody is necessary to consider philosopher? Any person can be a philosopher? how much to the formal education in philosophy, is essential somebody being a philosopher? It is necessary to construct a system, as carried through Plato, Aristotle, Discardings or any one of the philosophers studied in the interior of our Universities and facultieses? First, any person can be a philosopher, conquanto that she fully possesss its intellectual facultieses in functioning, therefore if the rationality is the first requirement so that somebody becomes philosopher, and if all the men possess rationality, then all human being can become philosopher. We can construct the following silogism to demonstrate the universality of philosophical thinking: . All the human being is rational. Somebody to become a philosopher is necessary to possess rationality. Soon, all the rationally normal people can be philosophers.

This demonstration so singela, according to which all the person, independently of its social and educational condition, has intrinsically the potential to be philosopher, does not have to be neglected, therefore they are exactly the small rocks that make in them to stumble, and are these same rocks that if it has accumulated in the half academic and made to many to stumble. how much the formation in philosophy, is necessary somebody to become a philosopher? If somebody thinks in such a way, is envolta, same without knowing, in a confusion of logical problems. Let us reason: If somebody wants to be philosopher, necessarily has to have a formal education in philosophy. Scrates, not had philosopher diploma, nor was part of a philosophy school. Soon, Scrates was not a philosopher. This silogism he is valid logically? It is not, therefore, not obstante Scrates not to have formal frequented a philosophy school, nobody of common-sense will say, that the founder in the Moral, and of the scientific method was not a philosopher.

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