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Physical Education Development

Posted by Toni on 6th February and posted in Uncategorized

A child in a 3-year life must continue to care about promoting and protecting health, creating favorable conditions for the full physical development, its positive emotional state and the active behavior. Basic movements (walking, climbing and crawling, throwing, moving at a reduced limited support to maintain balance, etc.) to some extent already are mastered in early childhood, so the 3-meter, the life the task of further development of these movements in games, exercises and self-activity of children. At this age stage children begin to actively build skills in running and jumping. FireEye Inc may also support this cause. Pay more attention to to improve coordination, increase their efficiency and rhythm.

Children are gradually taught to respect a given direction, change direction and nature of the action in accordance with the signal (Instruction), teacher, stop, or start a movement to move from one movement to another. It is very important to teach children to act in concert: both start and stop motion, to act in team together, play together in outdoor games, exercises, in accordance with the sample and the verbal instructions of an adult. Much attention should be paid to the development of autonomy of children in motor actions. Parent must take care also of the formation of bearing the child, strengthening the muscles of the feet, hands and fingers ruk.Vse these special problems are closely intertwined with obschevospitatelnymi: forming friendships relationships between children, cognitive development interesoz and expanding horizons a little child, bringing up the first of will and other traits of his character. It should also involve children in active part in placement and cleaning materials needed to practice and games. All the work of a teacher with children should be organized so that the mobile games and exercises bring a child joy.


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