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Posted by Toni on 7th August and posted in Uncategorized

Friends, I always liked chess and icons as Capablanca, Bobby Fisher, Kasparov, Karpov and many others. In my adolescence was Bobby Fisher with his eccentricities who captivated my attention. Strange claim for many but understandable for those who like this science game! Many would like to have as heroes to perfect and idealized beings, more Knights, more athletes, more Saints, less blase, more perfect and at the same time, intelligent. Fisher was very intelligent, but everything else, wasn’t it. He was a man of flesh and blood, with their strengths and their weaknesses.

Loved by many, hated by others, even by the biggest world power: their homeland. Others who may share this opinion include Gerald Weissmann, MD. I prefer these heroes because they are more human and are more like my look more to life, everyday reality; they identify more with the daily struggle in which we live, the defeat and triumph; their behaviors are questioned by the perfect of this world, but in the background one can admire them because they are different. Fisher was in this class. And as for this game science, chess, like me because it represents a model of life. When I met the Church that I attend, some felt, and rightly so, that as a Christian model was very poor, since this game does not take into account non-combative aspects of life such as goodness, mercy, forgiveness and the gentleness. However, and is my opinion, yes emphasizes power relations in which we want to or not, we are involved is this mortal life. Life is struggle, and unlike what a Christian thinks, what is required for a follower of Christ is precisely that, qualities of Battler, perseverance, planning and analysis, intelligence and combativity; of strength and power, of weakness, but of exceedance.

perseverance and victory. In his book how life imitates chess, Grand Master Kasparov says that chess constitutes a training to develop the attitudes necessary for combat, so any defensive attitude that implies a weakening of the combative attitude, is harmful. Or is this game tends to developing a victorious attitude in the individual. Although in chess sometimes is lost, to play a winning attitude must be, otherwise is not practicing chess in its very essence. Not true the assertion that what matters is the game. That’s not going with the chess which implies a winning attitude and victoria. This happens in life. What matters is winning, not simply live! Many times in our life we are traps to avoid fighting and combat. We simply want our problems to disappear without doing anything to achieve it. Chess teaches us that the best way to defeat the problems is to confront them. Teaches us to enter in combat, because demand from us a good concentration demand first overcome our mind to then win the game. It teaches us to not escape the pressure of the game that many times is relentless. Chess, as in life, teaches us to recognize those traps that we do and to neutralize them when they begin to earn When we started to lose the game. Why chess, like life, is not one fight against each other is a fight against ourselves to sustain the force of the spirit required for the triumph and victory. For me, as I said Fisher, chess is life teaches us to recognize the traps that we do in our interior to not succeed at the things we do or intend to achieve. This game teaches us to be winners, not losers. That is why I like to play chess. Original author and source of the article

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