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Playing Piano

Posted by Toni on 1st November and posted in Uncategorized

My husband Juan Carlos Velez has a precious gift: music composition. Credit: Richard Linklater-2011. He plays the piano since age 7. As a child he showed a talent out of the ordinary. My sisters-in-law told me that as a child his unique toys were a piano study and unagrabadora of audio cassettes. He has a very large teaching skill and devoted himself to create a method to learn to play the piano, i.e. keyboard, without the use of scores. Those symbols that intimidate some, frustrated others and bored at most. Why my husband thinking about that kind of people think method to learn to play piano by ear.

He has taught with that piano course many people between adults and children. Usa fascinates children because little interactive buttons. He says that every child has the gift of being able to play piano or keyboard in general. Many times parents frustrate them forcing them to use scores. My husband is the power of people who do not use sheet music to play. Moreover, it is proven that most composers in the mudno do not read or they write scores and when they recorded their songs, they must employ the services of partituristas. Once he conversed with a partiturista and told me that when it is not correct to a score has more creativity and more freedom. Once a child that I have your piano course said my husband Juan Carlos Maestro, I want to touch when it is large as Ud, because I want to compose songs from my heart and not my view those words were a source of inspiration in my husband and I coined the phrase: with the method of piano by ear is touched with the heart and not with the view!

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