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PlayStation Portable

Posted by Toni on 14th December and posted in Uncategorized

The location of the buttons – it's a different story. The new psp all the main buttons are responsible for the basic functions of psp (eg, volume) are the top side of the panels. This decision, in Basically, save space, but also to make more unusual innovation for users of previous models of consoles. Mute button console in the old combined with the block and make even more petite, and because of this disable and enable the new psp to the blind is again impossible. Levi’s has compatible beliefs. Now, from 3-4 sockets, as in previous models, the new psp have only 2 – for headphones and for tv, usb charging and that is again allowed to reduce weight. Display, as was stated in the a couple of centimeters (nearly half an inch) smaller, but the proportion of 16:9 maintained so as not to stand out from previous models, the colors on the screen and all are bright, but the problem with the fingerprints on displeereshit did not succeed.

Behind the new psp looks like a single unit, where you can see two , which are made of silicone to the prefix is not scratched. But the battery compartment cover is now no! Now, to get to the battery will open the case. This is probably the most serious miscalculation new items. Because if you start to unscrew housing – you will immediately lose all guarantees. And secondly, if in the case of the old PlayStation Portable – you are going somewhere, it might take a extra battery, and then easily change when one battery is discharged and a new console – it's just unreal. With regard to the duration of the battery, I would like to note that everything is as it was, despite the fact that the drive no longer exists and is almost five hours.

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