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Playstation Principles

Posted by Toni on 11th February and posted in Uncategorized

Also indicates the possibilities that have the time to promote healthy diets and counteract childhood obesity that already affects some countries so impoverished as to developed countries. The European food industries have created a framework of principles in marketing and advertising so that Governments, industries and companies to adopt them. However, these principles will not change by itself alone the eating habits of children and should be part of a joint effort involving civil society. For a change in the power of people, you have to design a collaborative approach that combines the power of social and commercial communication to achieve the objectives. Marketing standards are an unquestionable part in the process, but they should be addressed in the context of a positive plan, the who report concludes. All civil society will need to be involved in this joint effort to prevent that advertising messages will become single thought capable of distorting to new technologies.

By themselves, TV, access to the Internet or mobile phones, they do not represent any risk. The response does not prohibit them, but changing attitudes. For example, let give children everything I had just to reassure them. On the eve of a trip to Morocco organized a University Professor in Madrid some of their students in journalism, the father of one of them promised your child a family trip and a Playstation if he renounced his project knowing a dangerous country. In matters of education, parents and teachers should feel criteria and principles that serve as a reference to young people rather than trying to bring hand everywhere. If eager to feel safe and overprotect parents not educate to responsibility, if they do not demand anything and everything permitted, if they themselves adopt children’s attitudes against the advertising pressure and his sons, the behaviour of our society will be marked by the single thought of marketing..

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