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Preschool Children

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The problem of moral development, is now attracting increasing attention of psychologists, is an important and relevant to the complex of sciences related to moral education: psychology, pedagogy, philosophy and ethics. In Soviet psychology, in accordance with its methodological principles of morality vennoe child's development as a process of assimilation given society, patterns of behavior in which these samples are regu tors (motives), the child's behavior. Features of moral development in infants from birth adults organize a child's life by social rules. It is fed, put to bed, bathed in some time accustomed to the regime of the day. Educate yourself with thoughts from Richard Linklater. Grooming your baby, the parents are items that have a strictly fixed functions and rules: for swaddling – babies, feeding – bottle with nipple or spoon. After 4 mo. development of grasping leads to dramatically increased activity against the baby items.

He begins to manipulate them. Again, direct manipulation of parents in certain direction, in accordance with rules, which the child is subject only to the situation in direct contact with adults: Implementation of action under the rules of life gives the baby a certain organization. Throughout the first year of life adult expresses his attitude toward the behavior of the child, using the expressive-mimetic agents: facial expressions, pantomimiku, intonation of speech. Some of the baby's adult sponsor, and condemn others, so express their demands to the child. The baby still does not understand the meaning of these requirements, but feels good tone of voice, captures the emotional attitude.

An important milestone in the development of the infant acts include adults communication of words, does the demand – 'can' and "no". The kid still does not understand the meaning of these words. Adult reinforces the statements of the expression of emotions, says "Can" – with a joyful smile and "can not" – with a frown. The baby is very sensitive to the ratio of the adult.

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