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Posted by Toni on 28th January and posted in Uncategorized

But the real money – this is serious. And the attitude towards them should be serious and not playing. Play money – even small – you can not. If the child does not learn to respect money, even the most minor – he did not learn to respect and big money. How did give pocket money? Set amount. The child may well be asking – how much he wants to get in a month. Believe me, the amounts are usually quite reasonable, except that they can always be adjusted. Children are spending money on what they want.

You can discuss in advance – that parents have to cover, and that pays the children. For example in my family, I pay for tuition, classes, the mobile phone (in the prescribed amount), clothing, shoes ….. etc. Children pay for the "excesses" of some trinkets, CDs with songs, pay extra for a mobile, when many naboltali sometimes buy themselves more beautiful pen, notebooks, and sometimes compensate losses: they buy things similar to those that have lost or broken … All the children manage their own spending. If you do not give their children pocket money to spend all the time to monitor this process, they are unlikely to learn how to dispose of them.

A personal example is the most interesting and difficult. If you can put aside part of their salaries (usually clever books recommended to save 10%), then the child can talk about it. But if you live from payday to payday and still borrow at the end of the month, the child will do the same. The child may get into trouble. For example, he sees every month as you borrow a neighbor of money. It can want to "intercept" money you have, referring to the same, and refer to that you – not enough for a month. This is understandable, especially when you call him a pocket-money "salary" or "payday". Having received no replenishment the amount you can … ask her for a neighbor's child. And it is likely that you can get. Then the situation could spiral out of control. I will not dream and think of nasty stories – you may well come up with their own. So watch out for what you do with your money and for what you're talking about money. Children take with you an example. Talk, talk … Listen – what you are talking about money. What are the settings are in your family. 'Money does not smell? " 'All the money will not make? " "Money – it's the mud?" 'Money can buy everything? " 'Everything is bought and sold? " Psychologists say that each such family unit can have a negative impact not only on financial aspects of the lives of your children, but also on their relationships with others. In fact, the money – it just means. By themselves they can not make people happy. So think of money as they do deserve. Do not become their slave. And do not use them to enslave their children. In addition to money in life there are many wonderful things that money can not buy. For example those listed in the epigraph to this article. Natalia Rosina

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