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Posted by Toni on 25th June and posted in Uncategorized

The Revolution is initiated in the years of 1789, through the invocation made for the monarchs to the Assembly of the General States, whose intention was to compel the people to pay of the taxes. In the Assembly he was only allowed a vote for each State, what it would give to victory for Clergy and nobility, that were always together. This attitude subestimou the popular force, rebelled and for being majority if they set, they go in search of freedom, and equality, and in a revolutionary act, they invade the Bastilha, culminating act for its first conquests; The Fall of the absolute Power – bourgeoisie assumes the power, the Abolition of the Feudal Rights, and the approval of the Declaration of the Rights of the Man and the Citizen giving amongst them the right to the freedom, equality, property and resistance to the oppression politics, and with elapsing of the time the insertion of the Right the Subsistence, that was inserted for the Public Committee of Socorros of the State legislature. It bears mentionning that the Right the subsistence reflected in contradictory way for the people, a right who would be for all, destines–if only for one it has left of the population. The State only offered assistance to the disabled to work, factor that contributed for the increase of the state of poverty of excessively; the enabled ones to the work that if found dismissed. The justification presented for the State to the unemployeds capable to work age of that, the freedom would provide the work to them, and for that they did not have it, he was considered for its proper guilt. A vision extremely maken a mistake, since I was to a period the harvest and about the highest payments of interests of the State to the creditors, insufficient period it population to keep its proper subsistence. .

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