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Posted by Toni on 1st April and posted in Uncategorized

“So you learn today: on March 14, 2012 discover the exciting world of private schools education without if and but” the motto of the Berlin Rackow school. And that this motto is no empty word wrap, proves the school with an open day, where potential students can discover the diversity of the State-approved education carrier. Finally, this oldest still existing economic and trade schools provide a variety of training courses for prospective vocational school, secondary school or technical high school students who are studying after attending the Rackow school usually. School and education at any age make fun, optimum learning conditions must be given. So we can promote ideal all pupils on their way”, says managing director Dennis Rabensdorf. So this perfect support is guaranteed, all interested parties can check the extensively on the days of the open door the contents and the Rackow schools. On 14 March they have from 8 to 18: 00 the opportunity to lead an individual consultation with principal Tim Balzer or managing director Dennis Rabensdorf.

The school system of the Rackow schools Berlin is based on the pillars of junior high school, professional trade and technical school training. Even young students from the 5th grade learn a specific promotion, which strengthen their professional and social skills. Targeted remedial classes is one of the priorities of the Rackow schools? So convinced secondary school with small classes with a maximum of 15 students, homework, school social workers, and general guidance. Also in the vocational and technical school, the classes with 20 students are pleasantly small. Here, the selection of different disciplines is possible because offered include foreign languages, economy and management, there is also a special school career planning that contributes to the high rate of existence of 96% and the job prospects of Rackow graduates.

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