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Ramon Gallegos

Posted by Toni on 9th January and posted in Uncategorized

The holistic paradigm is a holistic paradigm which takes into account all aspects of the human being by filling every space with love, wisdom and inner peace. Importantly in the holistic education that the change of consciousness begins in the own teacher, we can’t give what we don’t have, is why, based on this paradigm is the inner of human knowledge and for this purpose relies on the practice of meditation, in which we can train our attention to begin to perceive our feelings, fears, addictions, which is what keeps us tied to the suffering. We should start by paying attention to our every day experience, learning to listen both to the physical body, the mind and above all the inner being, our spirit, attending own needs for which We will then help students. In the unit with be intelligence spiritual I book, Dr. Gallegos mentions that there are three General stages in spiritual awakening, that the first step would be to recognize the spiritual level that I am.

The first is the stage of the believer, in it there is an irrational beliefs any fixation. This position needs to sustain faith. The believer clings to dogmas, myths, superstitions and other unproven ideas looking for comfort and security. At this stage the person not inquiring, not discerning, does not check, is dogmatically attached to a system you trust that it will be saved and that their problems will be solved, the believer seeks solace, not knowledge, derives its security from the belief, that’s why it can be extremely violent and cruel when question you their beliefs. The second stage which mentions Dr. Ramon Gallegos is the search engine, which starts when you abandon the churches as well as their beliefs by not complying with expected, showing its incapacity for bring fullness and dignity. In this period Finder moves from a philosophy to another test, experience solutions, studied, know different approaches, tries to build with different teachings, their own spirituality, first assumes responsibility for its own awakening.

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