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Posted by Toni on 4th August and posted in Uncategorized

To sound says despite illiterate he is not synonymous of alfabetizado illiterate as well as is not synonymous of scholar, ‘ ‘ therefore exactly a person whom she does not know to read and to write (illiterate) living in a society of strong presence of the reading and the writing, can use of these ways of readings to communicate itself, being then certain form letrada’ ‘ (Magda Soares, 2006, P. 18) comumente a person who knows to read to write (alfabetizada), but does not know to elaborate and to interpret a text, does not understand what to read and it only decodes words, meetings words and sounds, cannot be considered in process of development of the letramento. Now, from one to look at, clearer on letramento and school, we infer that this was the ability of better performance of the research, having a pleasant vision on the child, so that it can to reach the letramento level, must be part of its universe the reading and to be active in the hour of its development with its abilities, therefore, in contrast it will not obtain to develop the reading and the writing. However, to to be inserted in the half pertaining to school, we go to observe the capacity and to perceive performance in relation with lacto – written, this because this capacity demands abilities more you specify for understanding and use of the ortogrficas rules of the writing system. In accordance with the formation of the professors, all the children are incased in the practical one of learning, whereas, to teach are not to transfer knowledge, but to create the possibilities child to produce it and to construct. In other words, the professor must be incentivador, innovative, friend, understandable and creative to manage a lesson interesting that can attract the curiosity of its pupils.


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