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Religious Education In Brazil

Posted by Toni on 29th January and posted in Uncategorized

Religious education would be one disciplines given in primary, secondary, professional and normal the schools public. More ahead, the escolanovistas had been contrary to religious education for the reason of the laity. Obligatoriness and gratuitousness of public education. In the New State (1937-19450) religious education left of being obligator for the pupils. Being that in the third republican period (1946-1964) religious education was contemplated as to have of the State it stops with the religious freedom of the citizen who frequents the school.

The laity of the State is legitimate, but not exculpatory of the type of education pled for the citizen who frequents the school public. From 1964 the 1996 had occurred deep transformations, the school left of being a unitary space and coherent of a privileged group and many contradictions of the society had been brought for the schools. After the hegemony of the catolicismo, the State on the school and the education, the Church and the State had currently left to manipulate the education. During the room republican period (1964-1984) religious education started to be obligator to the school, therefore the pupil could decide in making or not, in the act of the school registration, religious education. Of 1986 the 1996, religious education searched its redefinition as it disciplines to regulate of the curricular set. Religious Ensino started to be facultative, being one disciplines of the normal schedules of the public schools of Basic education. In Brazil, great efforts for the renewal of the concept of religious education exist, of pedagogical practical its, the definition of its contents, nature and adequate methodology to the pertaining to school universe. Leaving for the citizens of the pertaining to school space, it is important to emphasize that the education is important for the development of the human being and the society. The two main personages who are part of this development are: the professor and the pupil.


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