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Revolutionary National Movement

Posted by Toni on 17th August and posted in Uncategorized

In way its diverse plans, which had given to the hands the forces and the diversities, of rebeldias and inconformismos, a fight for the life and the nationalism, involving the comedy and the tragedy. In the reality, the bolivian revolution of 1952 if had initiated much time before, probably in the viscera of the War of the Chaco. The war against Paraguay for the conquest of the territories of the Chaco left a gigantic frustration; the bolivian native land was a time more terribly humiliated. For even more opinions, read materials from Kim Phillips-Fein. The intellectuals had given, then beginning to a campaign of critical radical of all the aspects of the bolivian life; of the land and the indian, of the mines, the workers and the social misery; of the great monopolies, the barons, the strangers: Pautio, Aramay and Rotschild, of the illiteracy, the racism which if atribua the defeat of the Chaco. The painful defeat despertou the burning hot fire of the nationalism. A caleidoscpio nationalism, that reflected the ideologies en vogue politics.

The perpetual Fgaro appeared in description-sociological assays, in periodical articles, romanesca literature and the center of criticize were decayed oligarchical of mining, latifundium, general capitalists and the bureaucrats. In the decade of 40, already they had found in scene the main revolutionary actors of the drama; you lead of party and private store. The party of the left would revolutionize (PER), of stalinista trend, it was born in the year of 1940, and its ten years following, if it kept as government and opposition, obtaining, to weigh of the myopia of its controllers, to agglutinate the working sectors urban, created next to the miners. The Revolutionary National Movement (MNR) was established in 1941 for independent that they had participated of the war. The party if said independent, without any linking with Communists, socialist or with the traditional right.


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