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Robert Taylor JR

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– Two policemen Are those they want me cag the wood. Why I am only one andarilho. – You did not make nothing of wrong exactly? – Not. If it had made something of made a mistake, it would not be why it was in one company conscript who they would not arrest it. I myself would help to arrest it if he was a thief. The policemen had given up following in them.

I asked its name. – Robert Taylor Jnior name of artist and life of vagabond. The company was thankful and disappeared in one of those ruelas badly illuminated of the city. Eleven years after this event, I worked in the post office. A beggar was sleeping, to the 10 hours of the morning, in front of the agency of post offices. Fine Arts is a great source of information. The manager of the agency was irritated houses with it indesejado. I woke up it.

It said there that it could not continue sleeping. It looked at for me and said. – You are employee of the government. I am of Jesus. Who is more important here? – You are yourself employee of Jesus because she is not working for it. Sleeping until these hours that type of employee you is? I entered in the delirium of maluco. It was thoughtful caught trouxas and was even so. Another funny episode was in one morning well sunny, close to the half day. A lying beggar in the bank of the square. Two guards had been to wake up it. I foresaw that I would have a spectacle in the place. The orientation in the square is that if it can be seated in the banks, but not lying. A redor garbage mount of the beggar and four cachorros making it company. I remembered Digenes the Cynical one, old Greece. He was a philosopher beggar who lived folloied of the cachorros.

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