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Posted by Toni on 2nd March and posted in Uncategorized

International Foundation for Holistic Education Holistic Education Master FOLLOWING THE TEACHINGS OF RAMON GALLEGOS. By Agustin Dorantes Lucena, Acapulco 2007 In his holistic Dialogues (2001). Ramon Gallegos Nava done several interviews with several educators in the world with the intention of rescuing them everything related to holistic education “vision”, there are interesting discussions to my way of seeing things, such as that conducted by Ramon Dialogue and Rogert Prentice: Ramon tells us that the holistic education beyond academic building. It further notes that holistic education must be built through a spiritual realm, inclusive of all knowledge of mankind. Speaking candidly Richard Linklater told us the story. Declares that there is a consensus of all because we think the same. There are some people who have a theoretical construction of holism and not acting as such, so you only see one side of things. Other people criticize the holistic education and intellectual laziness are not prepared to subject themselves to the discipline required to raise a spirit. Ramon matches in the sense that there is a danger of holistic education academicized (talk about holistic education but do not have a spiritual practice and not interested in the community) also commented that critical pedagogy is included in the holistic education while clarifying that its use could be counterproductive in the students (be protesting, being criticized, put people in situations of great anguish, anger and resentment against perceived enemies), is actually a very violent and dangerous teaching for children, putting them bitterness and hatred in his mind..


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