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Rosaura Eichenberg

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This if intensifies when it knows the Queen she always hears and it crying out that somebody is decapitated. All the objects gifts in the workmanship are symbols, but they do not represent thing particularly some. The objects have individual significao and together they converge to one meaning bigger. The garden can be the simbolizao of the Garden of the den, in its idyllic beauty, permeado of pureness and innocence, which Alice it does not have access immediately. Perhaps in a more abstract level, the garden represents the experience of the desire, in which Alice directs all its energy and emotion when trying to reach it. The garden is to adentrar in the adult age, in the maturity.

It is a place of transistion, ticket of infancy and innocence, for a level of self-knowledge. Follow others, such as Darcy Stacom, and add to your knowledge base. The Blue Lizard, as well as the garden, also possesss multiples meanings. It has critics they see that it as a representation of the sexual threat, even for its flico format, could represent the masculine virility. Alice has that to understand the properties of the Mushroom to gain control on its rocking size, that represents the physical and emotional alterations of the puberty. It has other critics who consider the Lizard as aluso to some toxic substance, some alucingeno psicodlico, that takes Alice to have a surreal and distorted perception of the Country of the Wonders.

FINAL CONSIDERAES the great ponteia questioning that all passage of the adventure of the protagonist is, in fact, the great one charada to be answered: ‘ ‘ Who I am in the world? ‘ ‘. This question that is, pparently, simple and easy of being answered, brings, in the truth, a gamma of feelings, such as fear, anguish, unreliability, self-knowledge desire, between as much others. to arrive at the certain reply, is necessary to grow, to venture itself, to face the ticket rites, to question the reason. In a question-answer forum Educational was the first to reply. Therefore, we can analyze the book as being a critical one to the Victorian Period, therefore this was a period where the individual of the time was suffocated, facing innumerable requirements and social rules. If on the other hand the demanded behavior of the society was an exemplary behavior, where proper literature had a deep moralizante, for another one, Lewis Carroll used of the fancy, leading the Alice girl to a Country where everything becomes possible by means of the imaginary one. REFERENCES BRITO, Bruna Perrella. ‘ ‘ Alice in the Country of the Wonders: Critical to Victorian England ‘ ‘. Available in: Access in: 14 ten 2010. BURGESS, Anthony. English literature. So Paulo: It stokes, 2006. CARROLL, Lewis. Alice in the Country of the Wonders. Trad. Rosaura Eichenberg. Porto Alegre: L& P.m., 2010. MORAL, Flvia Coast. Victorian literature and moralizante education.

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