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Posted by Toni on 25th November and posted in Uncategorized

Statistics show that the world leader in the financing of basic research are the U.S., where a researcher is allocated the largest amount in the world. Russia is much lagged behind the U.S. performance in the world rankings and ranks behind India. All this makes promising scientists and engineers to leave and look for a place where their skills will be needed, and work decently paid. Therefore, approximately 80% of Russian mathematicians went abroad and successfully employed for the benefit of other states. Factor Four. Public policies affecting higher education, aimed at the last time for a significant tightening of licensing requirements for high schools, in fact, lead to an artificial compression of the national educational space. Create dozens of elite universities, are able to provide higher education tens of thousands of students in our multi-million dollar country, will have the most negative socio-economic and political consequences.

At the same time, higher vocational schools and regional labor markets operate in a dichotomous mode. Neither the Ministry of Economic Development or the Ministry of Labour and Social Development does not formulate proposals which experts at the level of workers, technicians and specialists with higher education are needed economy. Ministry of Education and Science, which lowered the plan for admission to higher education institutions, such analysis is not engaged. Universities have to deal with data analysis on your risk, although its quality and predictive value is poor. Permanently at any time and in every country the priority of educational policy is its modernization, it is a complex, comprehensive update of all parts of the educational system and all spheres of educational activity in accordance with the requirements of modern life, while preserving and multiplying the best national traditions. If we talk about our country at this stage of education reform are the main activities of a radical renewal of educational content and its economy. Its main objectives – improving the accessibility, quality and efficiency of education.

In general, the Russian Higher School of Engineering is currently faced with major technological and social challenges. In this short time the restructuring of technical universities pose the problem of finding non-standard, but at the same time and make informed decisions, the priority of which can be defined as follows: the introduction of multi-stage and multi-purpose quality control system educational process, the development of university research, improving collaboration in one system “school – college – production,” unconditional focus on current and future needs of the regional economy. References 1. Galbraith D. The New Industrial State. L., 1991. 2. Inozemtsev Objectives and structure of the corporation as the basis of its competitiveness. / / Problems of the theory and practice of management.

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