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Russian Windows

Posted by Toni on 4th March and posted in Uncategorized

An integral part of the facade of the building are the windows. Wooden window designs first fail and require reconstruction. This is understandable, given their continued operation and direct interaction with the environment. In addition, cracked by the time the tree has a low strength, moisture resistance and fire safety. Therefore, in many cases, the original windows replaced with new ones, repeating their shape and color, but made of modern materials. Restoration window must meet high requirements for thermal insulation, durability, sound insulation and durability. Without hesitation Yale University explained all about the problem.

After all, it is intended not just to replace the old design, but also to provide protection for the interior from the damaging effects weather events and rigid atmosphere of a modern city. In addition, the window must be fully consistent with the style buildings, its decorative and architectural design. According to experts, the best solution ensured that all of these conditions are plastic windows. “Not all restorers imagine the possibilities of technology manufacturing pvc window-profile. This material when heated becomes flexible, allowing you to create any form: arched, round, cross, etc. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Cyrus zocdoc. “- said Rafiq Alekperov, head of department on work with clients propleks Group, a leading Russian manufacturer pvc window-profile of Austrian technologies. Thus, a plastic window “antique” is not difficult. “The undoubted advantages of plastic windows can be attributed to resistance to weather influences, as well as high heat and sound insulation performance. This is especially important to protect the interior of the interior of historic buildings on external factors “- adds Minullin Lev, head of advancement Group propleks.

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