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Schneider Management

Posted by Toni on 19th August and posted in Uncategorized

Gordon & Cummins (1979, P. Without hesitation CLAFH explained all about the problem. 21) detaches that the management of the climate is not an end in itself exactly, but a tool that assists the administrators to focarem the attention in excellent aspects of the organization. The planning and development of organizacionais strategies, for example, are an item that could be benefited, therefore the organizacional climate would signal which aspects of the structure, human resources, leadership and processes would be sharpened with the strategies proposals. Therefore, the climate supplies pointers on diverse 0 variable that allow a general vision of the organization; e, characterizing itself for being relatively malleable, admits action of intervention for improvement of conditions (subjective objective) of the work environment, thus, consist in important tool to be considered in the management of people and development of the organizations. According to Schneider (op.

cit. p 21), the management of the climate holds avenues for the understanding of the organizations, allowing, still, ' ' that if it advances in the agreement of the performance organizacional' '. However, the mere inquiry of the quality of the climate does not constitute, to per if, the tool of management of people and described organizacional development previously, this is only consubstanciada when the management of the organizacional climate assumes a sistmico character and continues throughout the time, including diverse other stages, beyond, of the research properly said. The basic premise, for the implementation of one programs successful of management of the climate, is supported in the quality of the information supplied for the carried through inquiry, therefore its purpose is to subsidize the elaboration of a diagnosis that translates, of the possible form trustworthest, the way by which the diverse aspects of the organizacional environment are perceived and evaluated for the people. Consequently, this diagnosis is fundamental for the estruturao of efficient actions, for the improvement of the organizacional climate, because it allows the identification of those points that need intervention, a time that had been appreciated of unsatisfactory form for the citizens.

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