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Posted by Toni on 7th November and posted in Uncategorized

CEM- European Schools of Aesthetic Professional Maquillaje and East Characterization course is focused all the professionals of the personal image. Its purpose is to offer to the students all the necessary knowledge for this. When finalizing the course a theoretical examination and one practitioner would be realised. And the images of the maquillajes realised during the course would be given next to diplomas. INTERNATIONAL HAIRSTAFF CENTER Maquillaje – Advanced Level You are going to acquire knowledge of maquillaje besides other key abilities for Aesthetic professionals of, very useful at the time of plantearte evolving or working like Make-up artist, Make-up artist, School of Professional Maquillaje Montserrat Fajardo PROFESSIONAL COURSE OF MAQUILLAJE and Characterization OF 10 MONTHS Course of complete formation that deepens at the high level in all the scopes of the maquillaje, directed those people who want to become professional make-ups artist of a serious way and to be able to work in the world of the CINEMA, TV, THEATER, BEAUTY Solitude to cester Course of maquillaje in Barcelona for photography and means audio-visual East course is based on the importance of the light in the maquillaje, fundamental aspect to the hour to detrabajar in audio-visual means School Superior of Aesthetic ESEPP Samper professional Maquillaje Theory of Social the Maquillaje color Introduction to the maquillaje. Products, tools and techniques of application. Characteristics of the face the color in the maquillaje Influencia of the light on the color-Maquillaje by day – Maquillaje at night About

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