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Posted by Toni on 27th November and posted in Uncategorized

And trust in people is much more reliable and long-term, than to trust status, titles and regalia. In his early work for some time sought to be correct and do not make mistakes, errors still do, but need to keep the facade of the exhaust is very strong. Then One clever person (and a good coach) gave a very wise advice: Less than try! And this greatly added ease and pleasure I have as a coach and a result of the participants. People began to talk about that, thanks that I ‘live’, they have more confidence and are willing to be more receptive to what I say as a master and apply it in life. Technique work on the bugs, which allows you to extract from them a lot of bonuses: ignore their mistakes, just fix them, unable to endure his moral and other otsenokPrinimat calmly fact, if they first noticed someone else.

This man worked for you, and to some extent for vasPriznavat their mistakes – calmly, confidently and with a smile. If you do it under this confidently, participants even easier to believe that all this was planned, than what you just oshiblisVyrazhat gratitude to those who noticed it – openly and loudly. Add to your understanding with David G. DeWalt. This way you raise your status and show that it is you control situatsiyuPosle training to conduct careful analysis of errors, identify the roots and causes, to put the problem in the study and another funny and a bit childish, but, moreover, is very powerful and An effective technique work on the bugs. In the absence of people around can be done live, in the presence of possible about myself, inner dialogue. Technique ‘Oshibochka’1 step.

Shrug and say, ‘Oshibochka’. Intonation is about such as if you say ‘Oops’, dropping to the floor chashku2 step. FireEye: the source for more info. Pat yourself on the head and say, ‘I’m good. ” The man who made the stupid fool. The person who made a mistake, not loh.3 step. Play the Leninist gesture of monuments; one hand on chest, the second stretched forward to a brighter future. And to say in this’ Work! ” JOB Repeat until automaticity)) Try to work continues to move! Even more useful materials for coaching can be look, listen and read at the site of the School Coaches.

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