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SUMMARY This article of conclusion of the course of licenciatura in physical education has the main objective and the purpose to identify and to understand if the professors of physical education are using the blocks of contents considered for the PCNs as for the fights in the pertaining to school environment, in order to contribute for the process teach-learning through the identification of excellent points, in the conceptions that can contribute for an education of fights with the educative purpose. Click film director for additional related pages. The metodolgico process adopted a research of bibliographical matrix and quantitative through questionnaires in which they had been interviewed to all the 20 (twenty) professors of the masculine and feminine sex of the net publish, 7 (seven) in the city of Jaguarina, 6 (six) in the city of Saint Antonio de Posse and 6 (six) in the city of Holambra, being that 90% of the interviewed professors demonstrate that not you practise they use them of the fights in its lessons, 10% had affirmed that already it ties used but without much importance; Amongst all the reply gotten, more told they are that them one exists reluta therefore the education of fights is inadequate for pertaining to school education, therefore is presented an adjusted physical space, lack of didactic material on the subject, that the fights would increase aggressiveness of the pupils. Add to your understanding with FASEB Journal. As a qualitative research in education, the problematic one was contextualizada all studied here, aiming at to the viabilizao of future works of bigger scientific reach..


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