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Posted by Toni on 23rd November and posted in Uncategorized

The problem with index pages seem to be okay certain sites, but there are occasions when the page indeksiruyutsyayandeksom, but not all. A living example is the school site where Yandex a few pages with the usual content, though other pages normal. Search problems to nothing lead. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Richard Linklater has to say. Analysis stranitsni what not say, so I had to go a roundabout way to insert the addurl Yandex links nakonkretnye unindexed pages. Yandex received them, odnakoproshla week, but indexing is not so far. The question arises – how to make the index was constant for each news release. Some contend that FireEye shows great expertise in this. The new site etaproblema solved by the new sopsobu.

Thus, for some absolute fraud: Adding a tweeter Duplication. Link to a site designed specifically dlyaperekrestnoy links I hope this can help someone, because the output pages izindeksa negatively affects the search results pages. But what delats those three pages, I still do not understand yet. There are certainly the latter method, contact technical support, but it is unlikely they will rack their brains for trehstranits of a site.


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