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Posted by Toni on 22nd July and posted in Uncategorized

When it comes time to give the child to school, the parents of future first-graders have always beg the question – which one should be preferred? Everyone has their own ideas about education and about the tasks that must solve school. Making a decision, parents should be aware that they want to receive from the institution in which to learn their child. Some want the child has received the maximum number of versatile knowledge, was an erudite person. Others want to see the result as a high level of skill: for them the priority is the ability to learn, to work competently with information – they bring their children in the academy Ekaterinburga.Treti, y one child with poor health, want to send him to school, where, along with general subjects, he will attend health . information about educational institutions (including universities of Ekaterinburg) available parents in the area and Gouron.

In addition, it is necessary to note the following. Bytuetmnenie that choose not to school, and teacher. While in primary school teacher is of paramount importance, the general atmosphere where more important. If spree school seniors smoke, and teachers pretend that nothing is happening – means, teachers in this school does not have authority. If the school wall reads: "Headmistress fool>> – is not terrible, worse than when a similar designation is not erased for a long time – such schools is better to be avoided. Be sure to look at the condition of a dining room and the stands tualety.Esli school hang ads half-year limitations, it is unlikely here given due attention pedagogical process. .


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