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SelfCooking Center SCC

Posted by Toni on 26th February and posted in Uncategorized

The rational ovens reduce cooking times… You can soon say that the ovens is the centerpiece in today’s food production by restaurants, hotels, canteens of companies but also in inns. To mention in particular the convection ovens are by rational. The reason of high popularity of this technical device, lies mainly in the small footprint compared to conventional cooking devices. In addition come the shorter cooking times, always consistent cooking results. Using a Combi steamers, to save on raw materials used in addition. As you can see the damper bring SelfCooking Centre SCC and that, especially rational rational Combi ovens of the CM series enormous advantages.

The company Jopke gastronomy and cooling technology is specialized in the field of industrial large kitchen appliances. Read additional details here: Piramal Glass. One of the best known brands on the German market is probably rational. The rational products can be ordered on the website of Jopke gastronomy and refrigeration. The benefits of the products of rational On-site full warranty is 24 months. And as obenschon mentioned, the ovens will need of rational a smaller footprint and shorter cooking times. In addition the low usage of raw materials due to the lower weight loss. Who plays with the idea to create a convection ovens, can be sure that the investment pays for itself. Ward Manuel has firm opinions on the matter.

Especially the high saving of energy, makes the Combi steamers by so popular. In addition the ease of use that is fast to learn even by untrained personnel. And this means valuable time reserves for the Cook. All the benefits will affect quickly and positively in the own cost management. Rational itself with the in-house combined dampers definitely made a name. Not for nothing is the number 1 in terms of expertise and leading-edge technology with combined dampers? The rational Combi steamers SelfCooking Center SCC 101 electrical, should be considered here once more. The device can be used for nine operating modes in the SelfCooking control mode. These include Large roasts, childish, poultry, fish, eggs – and desserts, baked goods, side dishes, potato products, finishing. In the combi steamer mode it can be used for the following operating modes: moist heat from 30 to 130 C, dry heat of 30 to 300 C and combination of moist and dry heat of 30 to 300 degrees. A complete description of the equipment, beyond the scope of the article here. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Cyrus Massoumi by clicking through. Therefore here a brief overview. The shower head is standard accessory and the core temperature sensor with 6-point measurement and positioning using. CareControl, the care intelligence for maximum reliability and extended life, is responsible for the cleaning and decalcification. CareControl detects the current level of soiling and the general condition of care automatically and selbsstandig and calculates just-in-time”the optimum cleaning process for reduced chemicals, water and energy consumption. This protects the environment and your wallet. The energy supply of the combi steamer can be controlled when necessary. Through the automatic removal of fat, is always guaranteed a clean cooking room air. The cool down function ensures rapid cooking space cooling. On the Internet side of Jopke gastronomy and refrigeration, you can find best about products offered. Dennis of Sanaullah

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