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Separated from his first wife, with whom he had three sons, Jose Antonio ( 1992) Jorge (1964) and Jaime ( 1995) married his second wife, Ana Galobart Satr stegui, with whom he has a daughter, Ana . He spent his childhood in Madrid and El Escorial. Other leaders such as Levi’s offer similar insights. He attended high school at Colegio La Salle de Maravillas, Madrid. Subsequently, he studied law and economics at the Universidad Comercial de Deusto (1955-57), but stopped when his mother died in 1957, and decides to go to work as an insurance agent and an English teacher. Filed under: Vladislav Doronin. Between 1958 and 1960 he studied law and some subjects of Economy, but failed to finish a race. He began his career as a free agent insurance.It was representative of a financial company in Texas (1960-63), founder, in collaboration with Ecuadorian entrepreneurs, the Intercontinental Financial, a company that sold to his partners in 1962 and Financing Sefisa SA, in 1963, which was president and chief executive and that emerged Sefipalma, Sefieste, Sefitour, SefilAuthi and SefiCitr en Financing SA, of which served as CEO and vice president. Among other charges, was vice president of Seficetesa Financing Sefitour SA and SA, Mare Nostrum counselor, vice president of the Association of Finance Companies Association (ASNEF), for nine years and vice president of the Spanish Association of Funders (AEF) vice president of the Independent Business Association (AEI) and chairman of the Business Association Independiente de Madrid (AEIM).AEIM merged with other business associations, copromoviendo the CEOE, Segurado organization which has been a member of Board of Directors, Executive Committee, treasurer, chairman of its Committee on International Relations, and Vice President (1981-January 1983, ceased to decide the Board of the CEOE, a proposal by the Executive Committee, the abolition of five vice-presidencies, including the one he occupied). He has also been president of the Confederation Empresarial Independiente de Madrid (elected in October 1978 and reelected in June 1981 for a period of three years), member of the Trilateral Commission since October 1979 and Member of Executive Committee Trilateral Commission (1982/15.2.1988 April, which replaced Carlos Ferrer Salat and was replaced by Jaime Carvajal). Being president rejected the candidacy CEIM People’s Alliance for mayor of Madrid. In 1985 he left the CEIM to chair the new Liberal Party, resulting from the merger of the Liberal Union and the Liberal Party.It was his landing in politics intervened, by the Duke of Canalejas, the constitution of the Cultural Foundation Canalejas Joseph (25/4/1986), which he became chair since its foundation, then deputy obtained minutes of Coalition Popular in the 1986 elections. However, this formation left by the action of A. Hernandez Mancha submitted a censure motion without consulting either the PDP or the PL. But surely he was reelected president of the Liberal Party at its Seventh Congress in Madrid in November 1987, by 245 votes to 65 white and 39 nil. The Executive Committee approved the LP in January 1989, a proposal for integration into the new People’s Party, born in the Ninth Congress of People’s Alliance, Congress of Refoundation (18-20 January 1989). A root of the integration, security took a vice-chairmanship of the PP.In his new party and positions, shuffled his name as one possible candidate for president of the PP government, Manuel Fraga once decided to quit national politics: however, resigned Segurado (8/8/1989) to his name is included among the possible candidates for 1989 general elections. At that time held important meetings with the then Deputy Prime Minister, Alfonso Guerra, to agree to amend the Campaign Finance Act, approved. For unexplained reasons then (the incurable disease of two of his sons), safety reasons invoked “personal and professional”resigned all his positions in the PP (Vice President, President of the Executive Committee on Economic and Vocal a board) and his seat in the House of Representatives (28/2/1990). His departure from the dome of PP occurred a month before the X Party Congress in Seville, April 1990. The PP Aznar began what he called “shift to the center.Since his retirement from politics, security has been devoted to their careers. He was special adviser Mario Conde (1990-11/1993) on economic, social, financial and industrial Banesto Industrial Corporation, reporting directly to the, position from which he resigned in November 1993. Both count as Roma would be processed by the Banesto case after the Bank of Spain decided to intervene in society (28/12/1993).

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