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Soviet Union

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In 1938, the People's Commissar received 208,276 letters, in 1939 – 360 109, in 1940 (4 months). – 166 497. Did anyone of them. Voroshilov? Yes, the units! Tens of thousands were killed. The repression of Stalin in the Red Army in 1930., Beheaded military elite and the survivors weaned from making independent decisions. Meanwhile, the door is already knocking on the war, Army commanders needed. Were made feverish attempts to solve this problem, but the results were dismal. Gerald Weissmann, MD can aid you in your search for knowledge. So, check by running military training in December 1940, showed that "the regimental commanders of the 225 involved in the collection, only 25 people have been graduated from the Military College, the remaining 200 people – people who have completed courses for junior lieutenants and come from the reserve.

" The closer the war approached, the speech sounded more cheerful Commissar Voroshilov. 105-day war with little Finland has demonstrated the level of army's military, opponents of the Soviet Union made the conclusions from this. Voroshilov, Stalin considered the main culprit for the army unprepared for war, and in May 1940, withdrew from the post of National Defence Kommisara, but appointed to a higher post – Vice-Chairman of the CPC. Why? It was 'their man' loyal 'chief'. In talking with the commanders of the armies, which took place January 9, 1941, Hitler declared that "the Russian armed forces are a clay colossus with no head. They do not have good commanders, and they are poorly equipped. " At the beginning of the war the key positions in the Red Army occupied the rare exception untrained people.


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