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Start Of School? -No, Classes Begin!

Posted by Toni on 15th May and posted in Uncategorized

Can’t get to learn, you will be informed. Parents have the legal mandate that they send their children to school. The word means school but pretty much the opposite of what we have done with school. The children are sent in teaching correctional facility, where the results are getting worse every year, and teachers and students in derb disease statistics continually back to the top. Today, the school has started all over again.

The school started? Not at all! It is the education that has begun. School is something really, really different. What is school? If I were to ask 100 people (teachers included) I get almost 100 wrong answers. One would not think that all in something every day go in, which no one knows what it is. It is taught in the classroom. One is above all, and below which says that they have to depend. A “typical German” Word like other languages do not know it.

It’s even not about learning in the lower dir, it comes that you will do what you must. Putting so in the school constantly in having a. If you train only need, you will find no skill but a SUPER MacPherson. One speaks also Yes not French that you visited an English course. Submit to, fit, be willing, join – it goes in our curriculum correctional facility BBs. A weirder Word and deed treasure from the era of serfdom. Many mothers sign today would thrown in the Tower of debt, if their child isn’t perfect is the homework. On subjects on subordinates, on lower… is everything still always well played. It has something to do with learning? Unfortunately, Yes. Learning (and teaching) comes from yeast. LAISTI = THE TRACK. You learn by pursuing a trail of life and it gathers his own experience. If me my tracks and experiences so much delight, others become aware of it and want to follow me by itself, I am teacher.

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