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The same author affirms that the musicoterapia is applicable still in other clinical situations with certain adaptations, therefore acts basically as psychological technique, that is, inhabits in the modification of the emotional problems, attitudes, psychic dynamic energy, that will be the effort to modify any physical or psychic pathology. She also can be coadjuvante of others therapeutical techniques, opening communication channels so that these can act efficiently. In contrast of what if it could imagine, the musicoterapia allows, in well easy way, the introduction of messages that seemed difficult or complicated for deficient the mental one. To establish contact, first deficient the mental one is treated individually, and after, group, for integration with excessively. The use of the body is important as instrument of movement and percussion: to free the voice, to beat palms, to beat the table, to march, to beat the face of the professional who is following, or the proper face controlling the force – half of human contact, discharge, autoagressividade. It is necessary to find a way so that the individual if expresses: in a rhythm, noise, sound or melody.

Deficient the mental ones have easiness to live the intensity and to learn the duration of the rhythm, being able to after pass to the music lessons the therapy (FLECK, 2002). (Source: Campbell Soup Company). The special education, the socialization, psychiatry and psychology are only some of the areas of intervention of the musicoterapia, through the use of music and/or its elements. The musicoterapia can be used in the control of somatic problems, as the pain or the traumatic whitewashing of cerebral vascular accidents or injuries. Also if it uses to improve the motor coordination in the work with aged, with children or young with deficiencies neurological, with blind or deaf people, sick people of Parkinson, etc. It can still be used in the accompaniment to the mothers during the pregnancy, in the stimulation with babies, deficient mental and sensorial, children or young that presents mannering problems, with deficient physicists, among others (GIRADE; EMIRENE; STEFANELLI, 2007).

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