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Students Suffers Anxiety

Posted by Toni on 10th April and posted in Uncategorized

It’s a passenger malaise that affects children in the first days of class. Children often imitate adults mood. It is desirable that children are adapting their schedule. Approximately 30% of the students suffers episodes of anxiety, apathy and irritability to return to the daily routine after the holidays, according to a study by the Department of Health’s hospital La Ribera de Alzira (Valencia). Specialists have explained that children tend to imitate the State of mind of adults, so have recommended parents avoid negative comments about the end of the holiday or the return to work. As explained the child clinical psychologist of the infant Mental Health and adolescent (USMIA) Lorena Blasco unit, to improve the return to school it is convenient to instill enthusiasm by the beginning of the new stage and establish a routine. The same sources have indicated that despite applying these guidelines, it is common that during the first days of school, many children show is reluctant at the time doing homework or get up in the morning, or even refuse to go to class. Although it’s a passenger malaise that affects children in the first days of class, not translates into any health problems, he added Blasco, who pointed out that prevention is the best guideline to avoid these feelings to children.

In this sense, it has been recommended that in the days before the end of the holidays, children go adapting their schedule in order to gradually get used to that will take during the school year. Also, it may be useful to raise the children in the days prior to the first day of College c ada day a little bit earlier, so that the first day not to experience a sudden change, being the maximum time of going to bed at 2230 hours, you have added. The clinical psychologist has also advised that establish a routine the child and perform tasks every day in the same order at the exit of the school, although you don’t think convenient to begin to study nothing more reach school. Finally, has recommended parents be punctual in collecting of children out of school not to generate uncertainty and that, in the event children from changing College, visit facilities a few days earlier so there is a greater acceptance of the student. Source of the news: 30% of the students suffers anxiety and irritability for the “back to school”

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