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Posted by Toni on 5th August and posted in Uncategorized

The lack of a good vision involves the loss of clarity and commitment, and leaves people outside their own work, work, wondering: What it all matter? ". c. – The Style range. It is much more effective leadership, improving significantly, such clarity. The leader guide, is a visionary; motivates people clarify how labor work fits perfectly into the whole picture that includes the organization.

The people who work for leaders in this style guide, fully understand that their work matters and work know why. The leadership guide, also maximizes commitment to the objectives and effective strategy of the organization. By framing the individual tasks within a larger vision, the leader guide, defines the standards that they operate effectively in the reality of their corporate vision. A leader for guidance, effectively describes its end point, but usually leaves much room for people to effectively find their own way. The leaders guidance, give your people the freedom to innovate, experiment and take calculated risks in vision. d. – The affiliative style.

If the leader corcitivo compels a person to "do as I say," and asks for guidance to the person "come with me," the affiliative leader says to the person "people come first." This leadership style revolves around people – those who use it, value the individual and their emotions over the tasks and objectives. The affiliative leader, strives greatly pra employees are always happy, and the relationship between them is the most harmonious. Managed through the development of emotional ties, and then pick the desired result of this approach, mainly because it creates a strong loyalty.

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