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Posted by Toni on 22nd January and posted in Uncategorized

The sport has always been an activity of interest to learners, which tested their ability to move and interact with peers in a more optimal. But today, the sport has added to its original look very alien to the game as the rivalry and bigotry, among others, they are favored by the mass media of communication, advertising and commercial equipment, making this sense, sports and professional sports spectacle, influences harmful to children and youth. To counter this influence, it becomes necessary, initiate educational establish marked differences between the characteristics of the mentioned sports and sports training for not requiring great skill and execution requirements, and taking place in a framework of respect for the potential of learners. Having a basic athletic training, is an indispensable educational need of the time and a response to the demands of society. The sport has been since its origin, a manifestation of the possibilities of movement, psychological, moral and evolution of human beings. In today’s society swimming is a mass phenomenon that has been spread by the media which have become a commodity, economic competition and social status. The parent and often the teacher are drawn into the stream of commercial disinformation and forget some pedagogical principles such as respect for the integrity of the student and precedence as the only end results or performance in the shortest possible time sacrificing the child in his mental and physical training. Thus the Swimming practiced by man is an art. Amphibians and fish almost all quadrupeds or skill born with the instinct to take on water taken in the form of locomotion on land they use. If man possessed of these features, swimming would not be for an art, not No method should be advised not need to be taught to swim, but their structure and habits is prevented, when it enters the water to stand on floating or moving it. Thus, as the man can not use water in its natural position and movements of locomotion, should take some very different. But swimming with his original idea is one of the most extensive and enriching which uses physical education to achieve a harmonious development in the pupil, provided they respect their level of development, maturation and interest and take into account scientific knowledge and research in physical education and swimming in which support for better knowing thus facilitating student learning and teaching process has shown that irreversible damage is caused when a child is forced to perform actions not recommended for their age. In addition, part of the Swimming origin coincides with that of humanity itself, as nobody knows when, where and how the first human being discovered the swim, you can only assume that swimming has an origin that goes according to country where it is practiced and developed, and probably since ancient times been extended to many more or, perhaps to all peoples. In Mexico “the different tribes were great swimmers, since to communicate, either peacefully or by war, had to save rivers, ponds or lakes, and even canoes used in these crossings, always occupied men could swim.” Also “found evidence in the wake three of La Venta, whose lower part is a character aquiline nose and long beard, above which are other figures with attitude swimming.

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