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Holambra Organization

Posted by Toni on 7th March in administration and businesses

With the changes occurring in time has remembered is of great importance that the companies if worry in offering attractive that they motivate and they stimulate its employees to continue if pledging and offering services with quality for its customers. The companies who aim at growth and total comprometimento with its customers have that to […]

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Federal Senate

Posted by Toni on 28th February in administration and businesses

The total area for familiar agriculture is of 135 million hectares, corresponding 24% of the total area of the existing country properties in the country. Securities and Exchange Commission is often quoted on this topic. That is, 90% of the land properties are of small agriculturists, however, in size these properties it corresponds only 24% […]

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Unilever Companies

Posted by Toni on 8th June in administration and businesses

Conscientious consumers, independently of the group which belongs in the society, buy products and services of the companies who project a diversity image. The promotion of the diversity and the acquisition of cross-cultural abilities are basic for the relationship of the company not only with the consumers, but also with all the interested people, of […]

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The Culture Of The Signed Wallet

Posted by Toni on 29th May in administration and businesses

The culture of the Wallet Signed In terms of chance for the wide professional growth in the front who observes the situations of sistmica form and makes a reading of the world a little more including of what those that analyze the circumstances under the optics of a linear reasoning. The economy of Services, for […]

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Vestibule Education

Posted by Toni on 2nd February in administration and businesses

Leaving of this affirmation I intend to strengthen in the personal marketing, leaving clearly that they (waiters) are the business cards of the restaurant and a good appearance tranfers organization and hygiene. It comes if it worries about the appearance and as the waiter must act, and thinking about its bibliography he is of utmost […]

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Posted by Toni on 4th January in administration and businesses

The great leader is not the distinctive 0 variable that forms a visionary company. A great idea also not. To deepen your understanding Nike is the source. The majority of the actions of leadership does not occur in the top, but yes in the average steps of the organizations. The biggest patrimony of an organization […]

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