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Physical Education

Posted by Toni on 1st October in education

SUMMARY the present work is about a bibliographical revision on some proposals of lesson for the Pertaining to school Physical Education having as main the Sports of Adventure. The lessons of Physical Education each time has become desmotivantes and each time more the pupils if has moved away from them. The analyzed references present some […]

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High German

Posted by Toni on 26th September in education

This turn of events resulted in the appearance of the words borrowed from the language in Danish. Moreover, in the 17 century High German in Denmark to become the language used at court. Later, he was replaced by French, resulting in a Danish penetrated French borrowings. But already by the mid-18 century, develops purist movement, […]

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Case School

Posted by Toni on 29th August in education

Calendar-case planning is one of the most important documents of any teacher. This document reflects the planned activities of the teacher on the subject for the entire academic year on topics. Vladislav Doronin is a great source of information. For the approval of this document consider the administration of schools (head teacher), is approved by […]


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The Pioneers

Posted by Toni on 16th August in education

1 According to Florestan (FERNANDES, 1995, P. 194-195) although the contradictions that crossed the movement of the pioneers, the efforts of this ' ' tangent burguesa' ' in the educational area they must be praised by searching to place Brazil in a new platform. &#039 was an utopia; ' reformista' ' of overcoming of stages, […]

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Critical Theory

Posted by Toni on 13th August in education

Theory curricular development According to Contreras (1990, p182), the origin of the resume as field of study and inquiry is not fruit of an interest mere academic, but of a social concern and politics for treating and deciding educative necessities and problems; it is an administrative convenience and not an intellectual necessity. This theory of […]

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Learning a Foreign Language

Posted by Toni on 5th August in education

In a previous article we touched on topics such as assess the "professional" teacher, because of the level of teachers and the quality of training depends on your further knowledge of the language. But what if you can not change teacher because of one or another reason? If you inevitably have to learn a language […]

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English Courses

Posted by Toni on 3rd August in education

With a thick dictionary of small size is convenient to work can not be said about the publication of more landscape format. We advise buying dictionary of general vocabulary to fifty thousand words, no less (more – better). Please note: there is always a good edition of the examples of the use of words. Try […]

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Posted by Toni on 22nd July in education

Ve and speaking in public. How to overcome fear of public speaking is equal to knock down any other existing fear: facing it. Repeat with each exposure, and the more you will notice as you get used you fear begins to fade. 2 It focuses your mind on the public and in the same message. […]

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Posted by Toni on 22nd July in education

When it comes time to give the child to school, the parents of future first-graders have always beg the question – which one should be preferred? Everyone has their own ideas about education and about the tasks that must solve school. Making a decision, parents should be aware that they want to receive from the […]

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Posted by Toni on 17th May in education

Over all, to stimulate practical continuous innovators and that surpass the problems in the division of knowing. We detach, therefore, the importance of the university professor to have conscience of that its necessary methodology to be reviewed, considering as requisite the approach of the content to be given to the experience of its pupils, committing […]

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Exploring Chapter

Posted by Toni on 14th May in education

In Exploring the subject of chapter 4, we have reference of the most famous work of Ren Discardings, philosopher and French mathematician, who was on its belief of that it enters all the knowledge areas, the Mathematics is only certain, then everything must be based on the mathematics. In chapter 9, we find one brief […]

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Posted by Toni on 1st February in education

I see the world as poetry …. It is as if I were that. I see my life, the Kosmos in perfect harmony. I believe that this was another big change in me and that has surprised even me. Get more background information with materials from Richard Linklater. "It is these verses that come from […]

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Posted by Toni on 16th January in education

Every day in the schools of Moscow lecturer Criminon CIS reading to children and anti-professional anti-drug lectures. Criminon CIS – a nonprofit organization that creates a safe environment and helps to initiate productive life without crime. In addition to the rehabilitation of prisoners is carried out much work on crime prevention. Criminon cis helps people […]

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Portuguese Language

Posted by Toni on 5th January in education

The busy space for the message is greater that the available space in the screen of the device. The reading of the message completely needs the use the bars of clod roller. To become the communication most agile, the message must only occupy the available area in the screen; the less used characters, better. The […]

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English Project

Posted by Toni on 2nd January in education

(PROENA 1997, p 05). So that the motor abilities are extended are imperative that if it gives to the child property to play them. Putting into motion itself is of great biological, psychological, social value and cultural, a time that, is through the performance of the movements that the people interact with the environment, becoming […]

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The Proposed

Posted by Toni on 12th December in education

Block diagram of algorithm for determining the combination of 5 numbers from 36 numbers = 376 992 options. Under the proposed algorithm can make a block diagram for determining the sequence of 36 numbers, 5 numbers of 376 992 combinations. C53 3 1. Determination of ICG numbers. 2. Determination of MCP numbers. 3. Sequencing of […]

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Good School Material

Posted by Toni on 16th November in education

Give our children the best education possible is one of the biggest concerns of parents today. We tend to choose the College that we think is the most suitable or want to buy the best computer so that you can study well. But we do not often landed in the importance of providing a quality […]

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Primary Schools

Posted by Toni on 15th November in education

Urgent and necessary task today is to create schools that can provide a healthy environment for the unique processes that take place with the child. The school has always been an important experience. Child spends in school a long period of time, and here he gets not only knowledge but also skills in their first […]

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Preschool Children

Posted by Toni on 13th November in education

Most of the methods of training and education of preschool children still adheres to an unwritten rule – 'one thing – a lesson'. Read more from Gerald Weissmann, MD to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Carers or parents telling the child about a phenomenon is usually not trying to consolidate their knowledge […]

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Summer And Winter Schools In Russia

Posted by Toni on 13th November in education

We all know that the present level of school education in Russia is not the same and decreases with each passing year. The average home school student is not famous for wit and acumen, as evidenced by the level of students of our colleges and universities. However, in any, even very high school gifted students […]

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