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New York Times

Posted by Toni on 13th September in philosophy

Writings Under Were the time where one of biggest periodicals of So Paulo if gave to the luxury to use entire page, in As the Notebook, to tell the life of a street inhabitant. Vladislav Doronin will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Kurt Eichenwald, journalist of New York Times, tells in book the effective principle […]

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Robert Taylor JR

Posted by Toni on 15th August in philosophy

– Two policemen Are those they want me cag the wood. Why I am only one andarilho. – You did not make nothing of wrong exactly? – Not. If it had made something of made a mistake, it would not be why it was in one company conscript who they would not arrest it. I […]

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The North American

Posted by Toni on 11th April in philosophy

What of it has made a mistake is the platonic attempt of to place them in the center of the culture, in the center of our sense of what it is a human being. Debating the state of philosophy (London: to praeger publishes, 1996) For Rorty the problem of the positioning (philosophical or politician) for […]

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Martin Luther King

Posted by Toni on 9th April in philosophy

History tells to the life of the black diver Carl Brashear in the deceased American Navy in 27 of July of 2006, that in 1966 it lost one of the legs in service of the American Navy and became man who demonstrated what he is really to want to win all the obtstculos. Thus, the […]

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Net Globe

Posted by Toni on 9th March in philosophy

After a brief period where its hearings had had a fast decline, the novels of the Net Globe had recouped the old absolute indices. In this new phase, it appears, according to Hamburger, a proposal direct of ' ' interveno' ' in the society, through campaigns that call the attention for problems as donation agencies, […]

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Posted by Toni on 7th March in philosophy

The social recognition of the women as ' ' beings pensantes' ' it was and it continues being a challenge for the balance in the sort relations. As much in the pertaining to school contents as in the curricular gratings of the universities is clear the content absence that deal with the women while philosophers […]

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Posted by Toni on 23rd January in philosophy

However much you try, you can not please everyone. Those who have character, do not like the spineless. Cling to the spineless people with character. This situation is in itself a conflict. Often we look for compromises, when not to do follows. To many things we close our eyes, afraid to cause conflict. Often we […]

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Maximum Creative

Posted by Toni on 15th December in philosophy

Because of the internal censorship people afraid to do and instead plunges into despair, the analysis own well-being, begins to calculate a bleak future (of course, because he is such an all-seeing, already knows that there in the future everything will be worse than ever!). When this part of the personality begins to dominate, a […]

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Myth Time

Posted by Toni on 4th September in philosophy

As to awake of interest of pupils for old authors as Plato and Epicuro, more specifically the Myth of the Cave and the Letter the Meneceu, or for the daily pay-socrticos with its air-tight texts and pparently disconnected as the fragmentos of Heraclitus and Parmnides in aporticas questions as the Devir and Being; as to […]

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Posted by Toni on 27th July in philosophy

The search in this study on Freud has as objective co-to relate the society being searched to answer questions of social matrix under the perspective of the Psychoanalysis. Freud affirms that ' ' we see in the animals all the forms of perversion petrified in organization sexual' ' , amongst these the relations between the […]

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Exchange Money

Posted by Toni on 2nd July in philosophy

The Dineroes anything that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and payment of debts in a given country or socio-economic context. The main functions of money are distinguished as: medium of Exchange, a unit of account, a store of value, and, occasionally, a standard of deferred payment. Money originated as commodity money, […]

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Latin Science

Posted by Toni on 7th June in philosophy

Scrates, Greek philosopher, who revolutionary to the philosophical thought occidental person, in controversas of thinking human being, in the end of the century room before Christ. With this Scrates affirmation he has left of the beginning of that nobody is absolute detainer of the truth. Not to know it is the initial point to arrive […]

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Contempoary Education

Posted by Toni on 13th August in philosophy

In this direction, we search to evidence conceptions on the education in the present time, over all what it says respect to the mediaes between the State, society and the education, considering in such a way, that for the development of a nation an education of quality is demanded. Ahead of this, one used a […]

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Catholic University

Posted by Toni on 13th August in philosophy

In a disruption of this Metaphysical and theological model, modernity initiates as only bedding of the ethics the reason. Then, the ethics leave of being heternoma, and start to be independent, that is, imposed for the proper reason same itself. In our days, ethics leave to pass for the internalization process (where an exterior force […]

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Vera Zolberg

Posted by Toni on 5th April in philosophy

To be of ownership of this knowledge is one of the factors that collaborate to reproduce the social inaqualities. I reflect on this situation and I do not visualize as solution to stop this process of the traditional families, but all to have access the information of this accumulated knowledge, creating a new process to […]

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Corporeidade And Education

Posted by Toni on 19th January in philosophy

CORPOREIDADE AND EDUCATION Dra Teacher. Maria Ceclia L.M. Bonacelli In the society contemporary, each time more the people if finds by means of interfaces in detriment of the physical contact direct, face-the-face. This new condition has, pparently, excluded the paper of the body in the education. We live, therefore, a dematerialization of the body? We […]

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Brazilian Philosophy

Posted by Toni on 22nd September in philosophy

In way to as many necessary knowledge, the unnecessary ones have taken account of the Brazilian education. Would be this one of the reasons which the Philosophy have not been received as Philosophy? We understand as necessary knowledge the ones that are not IMEDIATOS and of comment tripping. In recent months, KDP has been very […]

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Municipal School

Posted by Toni on 12th July in philosophy

Edson Silva I believe that never I will get used with acts of dullness and violence practised by said human beings e, saved deceit, some psychologists or psychiatrists say that almost all the people can commit some disactivate, depending on factors lived deeply in determined moments of its lives. It is technical the call not […]

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Posted by Toni on 10th October in philosophy

Under it I judge of this dualidade, Nietzsche assevera that the Greeks would have suppressed the pessimism with its art that, certainly, it would represent the direction of the proper existence intensified in the beauty. As priority of the affection, awaken dionisaca music the creative act, will of being able, as superabundance of forces that […]

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Healthy Oils

Posted by Toni on 16th July in philosophy

In the last years, we are seeing a resurgence of the interest in the oil of the Coco by part the industry of the health. The Coco oil gained a bad reputation by a study that discovered that the hydrogenated oil of the Coco is dangerous for the health. Nevertheless, now we know that the […]

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