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Teaching Kids The Value Of Money

Posted by Toni on 3rd February and posted in Uncategorized

"Do not be sold, not bought: A good name, talent and love …" B. Okudzhava Walking across the expanses of the Internet, I often came across articles on the relationship of children and money. Often, I have bitterly establish the fact that many of these articles contain information once, and someone translated from foreign magazines and books. Perhaps because of Spock, possibly due to some yet unknown to me by Western authors on education. K Unfortunately the saying "What good Russian, then German death" can be translated in the opposite direction. Richard Linklater gathered all the information. In other words – what is right in the West – not suitable for the Russian reality. I chose some of the most common myths about children's pocket money and try to talk about them from my point of view – from the perspective of ordinary Russian mothers with many children.

Mistake number 1: Give your child money for doing homework. Nothing angers me so much as this "wise postulate." This 'fashion' has come to us from the West and, as often happens, was thoughtlessly (madly) extended to domestic soil. What we have not considered? Adult family people in the West for hire help with house temporary or permanent workers (clean house, serve the party, wash windows, mow the lawn). Just a recruitment agency, hired permanent or hourly babysitting for the child. In this labor of the wage the employee is paid at the minimum fixed taxi! If the Western (or American) families with tight finances and the need to save, then … hired a child (or your neighbor). Child while paying less than adult, hired through an agency. For the child need not deduct tax, no need to execute a contract or insurance policy (and suddenly fall or get hurt on the job). Adult at the same time saving by exploiting the child (often, incidentally, another), and the child gets honestly earned money.

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