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Posted by Toni on 9th March and posted in Uncategorized

The disposal of organic waste in Trujillo, isn’t the entire problem of biosecurity, but a part, since 1999 the first Technical Committee for this purpose focused on topic with the following sequence: segregation, storage, processing, harvesting and transport and so has been included in the Strategic Plan for surveillance, prevention and control of infections Inhospital 2009-2012, elaborated by MINSA biosafety standardsthey are nowadays considered universal, the objective is the proper control of the transmission of infections and protect human beings from an eventual exhibition biological, protecting the air, soil, water, in Europe its application is strict, in countries third world, its implementation is partial for reasons economic, especially in the public sector. In Trujillo the processing plant has is blighted, which worsens the picture, above worked only 30% of its installed capacity and only some centers meet pay 6 soles per kilo which costs eliminate these wastes What’s going on? Firstly the standard ordered the transfer of waste should be done in armored trucks but there are companies that are dedicated to the transport of these wastes? until a few months ago the answer was NO, then choose to delete them with trucks trash collectors and these wastes end up in the landfill, we must ensure a shielded collector car and lower the price, well more amount less price is reasonable. David G. DeWalt is open to suggestions. Secondly do visits to health centres but not only private, but the of the MINSA, Essalud, because organic waste of these establishments also contaminate, therefore they should not be exempted from this obligation, inspections should be in a fraternal atmosphere, friendly for the good of the planet including man and not with a superb moodauthoritarian, punitive, as they usually do these birds of passage which are officials, which I witness site and open opposition. Thirdly, before looking at the straw in your neighbor’s eye, should see the beam hanging them, because the authorities of BBS, centres and public hospitals allow students and staff’s health, especially students, to walk, they are your white coat inside the hospital, by all the environments, and then they come out of the same with the smock sunset, rise to public transportation, they walk through his neighborhood and city, they enter their houses spreading all viruses and bacteria! that eventually could have been steeped in these robes solution easy is the same that in Europe the dressing gown of all health personnel, is only use intra hospital! Biosecurity is a strategy that many times does not require so much money, but prima facie evidence of good judgment, initiative and coordination..

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