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Telephone Devices

Posted by Toni on 26th December and posted in Uncategorized

Even so, million people who resist to the manipulation of their ideas and want to form about Cuba – like about any other subject their own opinions, visit our sites and they make contact with the enemy through electronic mail. Everything a new bridge of communication is constructed on that base, and the affection and solidarity show more and more between the fog after which they want hide-and-seek to us of the rest of the world. Also figure as an important profit the computerization of the information centers of primary attention in the policlnicos and the operation of classrooms and laboratories of computation for the project of universalisation of the education of the first year of the Medicine race. In Education, among others positive results, the 100% of the training centers of the country use the TIC like support to the programs of classes, which benefits to 2 230 658 students and 12 784 schools. Young the Clubs of Computation are today in all the municipalities of the country, with more than 4 600 computers. In 2004 they only abrieron 100 of these facilities, for a total of 400. In the own year courses in them were offered to 143 395 students, which is equivalent to a 20% of graduated 700 000 from 1987, when the JCC, that will add 600 at the end of this year, with 6 800 computers arose. Telephone Devices for Sordos (DTS) in 53 Centers Multi-service of ETECSA in all the national territory exist at the moment, which facilitates the local telephone service and of long national and international distance to the people with such incapacity, and is worth as it shows of the incluyente character, nondiscriminatory, of the use of the TIC in Cuba..


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