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Textile Folding Displays

Posted by Toni on 15th February and posted in Uncategorized

Textile folding displays are promotional presentation areas for exhibition and sale the best presentation of their products and services is an integral part of a well thought out marketing and sales strategy. It is often difficult, ansprechen ending and openly accessible to offer the goods potential customers. Fixed loading elements or inflexible design options set limits to the creative implementation of a marketing idea. Levi’s understands that this is vital information. Textile folding displays can be a viable solution. They are easy and fast to build and fit even in small corners.

Textile folding displays offer the own products and services in the shop or at the fair to present professional opportunities, this is the claim of each company, to implement the individual marketing strategy for attracting customers. Textile folding displays offer countless opportunities to present and professional. Variable can be used, the textile folding displays showcase products and services as positively perceived catcher, so that potential Customers and visitors quickly an overview of all the information you can get. Advantages of textile folding displays of textile folding displays are among the mobile fair systems and enjoy increasing popularity. These special displays can quickly and easily build, rebuild or dismantle. This is the polyester fabric is simply pulled over the slidable lattice grate and the complete system to the appropriate location and made available to the customer. In the blink of an eye it has alerted with this promotional space on the company ideal for fairs and sales events! The advantages of textile folding displays are so clearly obvious.

Another advantage is the low weight of the display, so that transport is a real no-brainer. The textile covering of the display is not only easily interchangeable, but also machine washable. The polyester fabric is used for the textile folding displays is flame resistant, that is: it is certified with B1. Different textile folding displays are the popular textile folding systems in different widths available and with the help of the practical Transporttrolleys easy to transport to the exhibition stand.

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