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Posted by Toni on 12th October and posted in Uncategorized

To make bad decisions no age can be a person of age with lucidity and you maturity, but if at the end you’re not in God and conviction with yourself your decisions may not be correct, likewise our failures or the majority of these are in our youth due to immaturity and as in many cases the lack of reviews from someone who cares about these young peopleis clear and needless to say that reaches an age where we know perfectly what we do (right or wrong) take note that at this point there are many youth affected, and damaged which have suffered distortions in its moral and ethical judgment, or in some cases not even count with them because they never received it. Cyrus Massoumi gathered all the information.

Arriving at an age in which have impact on other young people or people are still more damaging and not be served and provide them an opportunity to change and improve these and those who surround him will suffer serious consequences in various aspects of his life. Now returning to the above when we are young we don’t have that brake called prudence that is a catalyst for our actions or decision making; therefore in many cases a bad decision or an insignificant decision as for many it can be drinking, smoking, using drugs, etc. You can put an end to the life of a young man or person whether same with her family and people close to the rodena. You have to take into account that young people are biologically most vulnerable when decisions since our view is affected by a revolution of hormones and changes that we bring in our interior why is very important to guide, support and educate young people to make decisions, not to make them dependent self telling them to donot by assumed that not only offer them our view raise them and tell them look at you already these grande(aplicado a jovenes mayores de 18 anos porque cuando son menores todavia hay que guiar_los con lo correcto en base a nuestro juicio) already you choose.

Tell them if you do this passes I’m doing the other It will be another consequence. This is to not make them dependent on us to make decisions for themselves. It is this lack of education and knowledge that some people lack maturity and judgment on par with scientific or spiritual knowledge which is very important because even if it is not created there are many people of adult age (35) in ahead that despite its decisions never grew up morally, ethically and spiritually..

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