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Posted by Toni on 13th August and posted in Uncategorized

Being able to act in agro-industrial companies and the agricultural area. The profession is guaranteed by Law, and is enters one of more looked in the offered courses technician in Brazil. The importance of this profession is unquestioned. In the age of the globalization and the information, it also has constant changes in the trends conceptual techniques and the competitiveness incited in the corporative way. This professional will have that to constantly search qualification and perfectioning through the teach-learning process. The area of performance of the Technician of Security of the Work is ample, and the increasing requirement of the market is continuous.

Today, in all segment the professional has that to invest in its proper career in pertinent courses its area, and if evaluating with important tools as the ANALYSIS SWOT (or FOFA, as she is known in Brazil), analyzing the strong, weak points, threats and chances and to have conscience of the abilities that must be improved. Through this self management the professional will be with focus in the actions and the solutions of the problems of the organization, using of its knowledge technician, academics and empiricists and consequently reducing the inherent risks to the work environment. The task of the Technician of Security of the Work is arduous and difficult, to infuse or to modify the culture or politics of a company or to modify the thought of the entrepreneur, in the attainment of the security guard for the collaborators, it is not far from easy, are innumerable difficulties and joined obstacles. these difficulties are not only here in Brazil, but also in the developed countries the statisticians daily indicate levels of highest industrial accidents. While the enterprise classroom will be seeing the security of the collaborators of its company as ENEMY NUMBER ONE IN EXPENSES, and while the COLLABORATORS if not to acquire knowledge of the benefits of its security in the workstation, this statistical index, unhappyly will not suffer alterations.

TO WORK WITH SECURITY AND TO COME BACK TOWARD HOUSE, DO NOT HAVE PRICE the awareness of entrepreneurs and workers alone will happen with a dynamic work of the Technician of Security of the Work and through measures techniques, educational, medical, psychological, added the lectures, recyclings, training, seminaries, networks and courses of perfectioning and specialization. The schools techniques are with excellent courses in the area of security of the work and the high pedagogical level of teach-learning, and also in what it says respect to all infrastructure in classroom, laboratories and libraries counting on a great quantity of specific books of the area. The direction of these Justinian codes of education has the concern to prepare and to give all subsidy so that this professional when it will be in field is prepared for the diversities that will go to find day-by-day in its. BUT THIS PROFESSIONAL ALSO HAS THAT TO MAKE ITS PART, SEARCHING IF TO BRING UP TO DATE AND SEARCHING CONSTANTLY. SPACE FOR ALL EXISTS, AND NOBODY KNOWS EVERYTHING, THE KNOWLEDGE IS INFINITE.

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