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The Bond

Posted by Toni on 2nd March and posted in Uncategorized

Started, all since then, just to be seen exactly the opposite. and that is, to begin, the family, like any social organization is structured hierarchically necessarily unequal power positions. well, we need their own organization generates a not very auspicious. The incidence of family dysfunction is not influenced by social class, level education, marital status, race, religion, age, or the bond between members that constitute it. ie, we can all suffer and / or pursuit and indeed we experience in our homes to a greater or lesser degree. Family violence is an alarming phenomenon that has costs for society and generates irreparable damage in people who live and suffer. And is that violence against anxiety grips us and worse if we understand that in front of it, there is no solution, at least immediately. People who experience this problem often hampered in their personal development, experience radical changes ranging from loss of appetite, to the loss of the will to live …

Limited to contribute positively to their community are severely damaged self-esteem and live so overwhelmed that prevents them from advancing further in their personal goals. This violence flourishes and develops in any hierarchical society, founded in structures of power, unfair, unequal and oppressive, where his base is the domination. Factors causes of family violence are found in poverty, sexism, the irresponsibility, of infidelity, lack of culture, lack of communication within the family, discrimination, fears, complexes, especially in misinformation and indifference, without that these are necessarily mutually exclusive, appearing in the lower classes, middle and high, although to a lesser extent in the latter.

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