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The Care & Feeding Of Puppies

Posted by Toni on 3rd March and posted in Uncategorized

Feeding puppies properly in their first year of life is very important for their physical development. The veterinarian’s help is needed at this time and advice are vital to proper education and training. You may wish to learn more. If so, Austin Film Society is the place to go. The vet tells you how many meals a day should the puppy at any stage of their growth and to reach adulthood. These tips are very useful to get an idea of how to take care of our puppy food. One of the most important elements of his training routine is the food.

This must have a fixed space to eat and rest, where it is quiet without being disturbed people or other animals in the house. There, the cleaning has to be very accessible, which is convenient to put a carpet of paper and change it after every meal. Water not to be missed and must be kept clean and fresh. Never give water too cold, as it can hurt. When the puppy’s diet is balanced, comprehensive and rich in calories and nutrients, vitamin supplements are not necessary and may even be harmful.

It is therefore necessary to give them quality. Another very important advice for a healthy puppy is not to be overweight, which must be checked constantly making sure that does not protrude the stomach. It is also essential, therefore, give the appropriate quantity recommended food bags. As for the sweets, it is appropriate to make awards during his training for good behavior but avoid giving them between meals. Also avoid sweets and candies to give to humans, as they may be toxic to them. No bones ever to offer as they are hazardous and could choke or hurt them in the digestive system, or food scraps as they are extra calories and can be converted on a whim. For the education of the cubs is also advisable not to feed them while we are eating.

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